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Improving Your Batting Average with a Pitching Machine

Improving Your Batting Average with a Pitching Machine

/ 04/05/2017

If you’re trying to improve at anything, we know there is no magic pill out there to make us better. We need to practice – a lot – and that’s the bottom line. In order to practice though, we need to use the right equipment. If you are trying to up your batting average in baseball, a great way to improve this is by using a pitching machine.

Pitching machines will work for anyone, young or old. If you are just starting to play baseball and can’t hit the ball at all or if you’re a pro and just need some extra practice swinging the bat, a pitching machine is the perfect tool.

If you are new to baseball, it could scare you to step up to the plate and hit at a ball that is flying towards you. Practicing on a pitching machine will help you get over that fear and gain the confidence you need to play in real games. You should try to set the pitching machine at speeds you are comfortable with in the beginning. Gradually increase the speed and even start to mix in some “special” throws – like curveballs – once you are more comfortable.

Using a pitching machine is nice because since it will usually pitch at the same spot every time, you can move yourself around the batter’s box to give you a more realistic practice session. If you move closer to the machine or back towards the catcher, doing this will give you higher or lower balls to swing at. If you move closer to home plate or farther away from it, you will then give yourself more inside and outside pitches to work with. Of course when using a pitching machine, you want to work on the things you need improvement on. So if you are struggling with low balls, scoot back to the point that all of the pitches are coming in low. If you’re too slow on pitches and are simply swinging too late, practice hitting with the machine set on faster speeds. The pitching machine is meant to help you, but you also need to help yourself and use the pitching machine to the best of your abilities so you can be the best batter you can be.

Watch this demo video to learn how to use a pitching machine

Pitching machines usually come with settings that can allow a wide range of pitching speeds. Professionals are still using pitching machines, so you know they must work! These are awesome machines to improve hand eye coordination and anyone could use a little more practice with that, no matter how good you already are at batting!

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